Here is what to look for in this STORMWORKS Chapter.  Scroll to the piece to learn more and order.  You can listen via STORMTRacks. Enjoy the Journey & Godspeed! S  

Time Music for: Winds & Percussion in Motion... 55:33 (recorded on WPIM CD) Mvms Print SCORE & PDF Parts SCORE & Master Set/PrintParts Per. Score
0:08:00 W&P in Motion HEART, MIND &... SOUL 3 300 Only as PDF NA
0:07:33 W&P in Motion A PSALM of LIFE! 3 300 Only as PDF NA
0:08:00 W&P in Motion ERICH!   (WPIM version) 3 300 Only as PDF NA
0:07:33 W&P in Motion THE STORM! 3 300 Only as PDF NA
0:07:33 W&P in Motion WAY of the WARRIOR! 3 300 Only as PDF NA
0:08:45 W&P in Motion AHAB!  (WPIM version) 3 300 Only as PDF NA
0:08:00 W&P in Motion SCENES from STORMQUEST! 3 300 Only as PDF NA
0:08:48 W&P in Motion OF DEMONS & THE KNIGHT! (not recorded) 3 300 Only as PDF NA
0:08:15 W&P in Motion ALL THE MORNINGS OF THE WORLD (not recorded) 3 300 Only as PDF NA
  COMPLETE 9 Shows 79.33 Works for Winds & Percussion in Motion … 10 Years of Original Music FOR the Field   1333 Only as PDF NA


2017 Santa Clara Vanguard Horn Line, "In the Lot" playing excerpts from WAIT of the WORLD. Starting at :33.  (of course).  Plays to 2:28. There is much, perhaps too much to share about the piece itself, including the thunderous response of 10,000 people in a Bull Fight Ring many years ago!, the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy and much more...but WOW to the brass players from SCV! I think even the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy would be impressed by your  playing! "WOW" was the acronym I used when composing "Wait of the World" 20 years ago.  A fitting word for the SCV Musicians. Thank you and Godspeed!  Steve


STORMWORKS Winds & Percussion in Motion (WPIM) © Stephen Melillo, IGNA 1994 28 songs, 1.9 hours Japan Seika All Girl High School Marching Band JP Sousa's "National Emblem," and Stephen Melillo's "GODSPEED." Much is possible! The 33 visiting members of the Japanese JP Sousa Band Director Association told me something I really can't write here... but it's very cool! Can you guess what that might be? Enjoy & Godspeed! S



SEIKA SOUSA MELILLO from Stephen Melillo on Vimeo.

Antonio Gaudi said, "Originality is a return to the origin." Over the past decades STORMWORKS has been the most "imitated" in our idiom. It's time now, as it is always... for you and your kids to return to the origin.

After composing 5 back-to-back championship shows for DCA Bushwhackers, I went from school to school over a period of a few weeks during the early 90s and composed original competition-level works for the field. I often wrote in a back room, or some obscure place... a composer in residence. It was fun having the kids watch over my shoulder. The result was the interrelated, "WORKS for WINDS & PERCUSSION in MOTION" or WPIM.

You can listen to mp3 tracks below, and by clicking on the Titles (in green), you can see the first few score pages for an idea on the scoring.

You'll see that certain pieces do not link to dedicated pages. These works are:


STORMRiders: Feel free to call about this 1991 Championship DCA piece.

STARTHROWER: A Music Track Written for Winter Guard. Feel free to call about this work. 

MAN in the GLASS: Also a Music Track or Winter Guard. Feel free to call about this work.

STRUGGLE in the PRAYER for PEACE: Feel free to call about this work.




Yet another must listen is STORMWORKS 88' written as an anniversary tribute to the Concert Work, STORMWORKS. Listen to the track, and imagine the field show potential!

Want to Commission a new work for WPIM? Want Permission to Arrange one of the 384 STORMWORKS movements?

Works for WINDS & PERCUSSION in MOTION are scored for:

- Flute 1-2
- Clarinet 1-2
- Bass Clarinet
- Alto Sax 1-2
- Tenor Sax
- Horn 1-2
- Trumpet 1-2-3
- Trombone 1-2
- Baritone
- Tuba
- Timpani, Chimes, Orchestra Bells, Marimba & or Vibraphone
- Field Percussion is left to your staff.
- Range Example: Trumpets to Concert G (w/options)

These works have been specifically composed for the field. Each work has everything you need to reach your students, audiences, visual staff and adjudicators while at the same time maintaining a cohesive, consistent, and concert preparing program. Each Musical Story is a playable, challenging, dramatic statement. The Music lends itself to exciting visual interpretations. Pit Percussion is written. Battery percussion awaits the talents of your staff-writers. Most of these works have their counterpart in the Concert Arena for a more thorough and integrated learning experience.

If you would like to have an Original Field Percussion Score written for you, there are 2 fine Percussion Writers I will recommend.

- In the South, Kevin Riley,, 325-248-7514.
- In the North, Jim Miller,, c-203-895-9328, w-203-385-4261.

Please visit the Score and Score Notes for specific information. WINDS & PERCUSSION IN MOTION SOUND-SET-UP PDF (for AHAB!) and some of the other Concert Works adapted to the field.



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Works for Winds & Percussion in Motion …
10 Years of Original Music FOR the Field



28 Songs - 1 hour, 56 minutes


HMS: Heart 2:24

HMS: Mind 2:51  
HMS: Soul 3:09  
PSALM of Life: Hero in the Strife 3:22  
PSALM of LIFE: Footprints in the… 3:18   

PSALM of Life: Take Heart Again 1:27

ERICH! Battle at Sea 3:44  
ERICH! The Gift of Love & Epilogue 4:28   
WAY of the WARRIOR: Trial by St… 2:18  
WAY of the WARRIOR: Crossing t… 3:31  
WAY of the WARRIOR: In the Aren… 2:27  
THE STORM! O Heaven O Earth 2:14  
THE STORM! Miranda 3:21  
THE STORM! Brave New World 2:45  
AHAB! (WPIM) 10:13   
Of Demons & the Knight!  
STORMRiders 10:58  

Starthrower 5:12

Man in the Glass 5:04   
Just Bein Bush 2:03   
All the Mornings of the World 8:15  

Struggle Part 1 2:02


Struggle Part 2 2:03


Love of Johann 3:37
28 AFINCE 4:43