See the Score to That We Might Live for Orchestra... and listen to a complete version. Enjoy!

"Last night, I rendered Search for Truefire and By Love Compelled with this year's Symphony. I came away even more awestruck and amazed than last year. Your music is such an inspiration for the kids (and for me) At the end, I stood on the podium with such respect for what the kids had accomplished. I turned around to announce the next piece and suddenly realized that I was unable to talk because of the lump in my throat. The kids rendered the pieces with such intensity, love, and total giving... I wish with all my heart that more orchestra teachers discover your music and have the opportunity to experience what I had the privilege of being a part of last night. Thank you! Again!" Scott Hensil, Pennsylvania


Dear STRING Teachers... In order to make your explorations with regards to STORMWORKS easier, I have placed links to Music you may wish to consider here on this page.

Did you know about STORMQuest? When investigating STORMQuest, please keep in mind that I have created STRING ENSEMBLE versions. These are accompanied by position and fingering suggestions, and were written in a way of providing you with the following options:

1. String Ensemble versions of STORMQUEST

2. Strings with Percussion

3. Strings in conjunction with the Band program.

4. Strings with Winds & Percussion taken from the Band versions to create "orchestral" versions.

    •    STORMQUEST:
    •    The Stormquest
    •    The Search for Truefire!
    •    Revenge of the Darkseekers
    •    Courage... at the Wall of Fire!
    •    Forbidden Fortress!
    •    Truefire!
    •    The Defenders of Truefire!
    •    Time in the Balance!
    •    By Love Compelled... at the Hour of Shadows
    •    Last Outpost of Freedom
    •    Triumph at CHO-SIN!

Works for More Advanced or Professional Level Orchestra, please review Jazz & Orchestra by clicking here.

    •    After the Storm for Chorus & Orchestra
    •    Always the Return from 12:01PM
    •    Symphony 1: S-Matrix
    •    Symphony 2: At Life's Edge
    •    Symphony 4: Lightfall
    •    Concerto for Violin & Orchestra (please call for Orchestral version)
    •    That We Might Live for Orchestra
    •    Beyond This Place of Wrath & Tears
    •    Sieben Glückliche Jahre
    •    Time to Take Back the Knights (for Orchestra)

If there are any band works that you would like to be considered for an orchestral treatment, please call.


Dear VOCAL Teachers...


In order to make your questions and investigations with regards to STORMWORKS more focused, I have placed links to Music you may wish to consider on this page. I have written a show-choir piece you may find interesting and a full length Musical which does not appear on this site... but please feel free to call about it.

    •    TOP SECRET! for Show Choir
    •    AFTER the STORM for Chorus & Band or Orchestra
    •    AMERICA THE BRAVE for Chorus & Band
    •    O COME HOLY NIGHT for Chorus & Band
    •    DAVID! (for Soprano & Band)
    •    A WALK ON THE WATER (for off-stage Alto & Band)
    •    AHAB! (for ACTOR & Band)


Many new works for Chorus and Band or Chorus and Orchestra are on the  Chapter 21 CD.  Some of the band Works also contain Vocal parts without Lyrics. They may be rendered by a synthesizer or by an actual Chorus, sometimes off-stage. Some such works are:


    •    KOLDOON
    •    and, just for starters, Music from A WISH to the WORLD!


Enjoy!... and Godspeed!