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One of the major themes is the cyclic nature of life and history repeating itself, especially in war and destruction. The author comments on the futility of war. Most of the book(s) takes place in the 1800s, which in the United States included massive bloodshed during the War of 1812 and the Civil War… The love story between Isaac and Irene O’Shannon, a beautiful opera singer who was born in Ireland and grew up in Italy, is touching and heartfelt. Melillo also writes beautifully about Isaac’s special bond with his mother, Abbie, a heroic and strong woman. During his quest to kill Moby Dick, Isaac meets and befriends the author Herman Melville on a whaling ship. He also develops a deep friendship with William Carney a black civil rights veteran who helps him kill the whale… The author previously published a prequel to Melville’s Moby Dick, called Ahab, A Love Story. This book continues that rich fictional thread. The writing style is lyrical and noble. The characters are large and epic… a captivating love story and an adventurous tale of mankind’s struggle against sin and evil. If you like history and 19th Century novels, you’ll be sure to enjoy this one.” - Leah Shepherd

— Hollywood Book Reviews

The way the author effortlessly takes you back in time, throughout the American Revolution to even the first World War, while also giving you an entirely new story based off a much-loved novel that has stood the test of time, is something which is rare and needs to be celebrated. Throughout this novel, there are many accurate historical references, which I found to be incredibly interesting and made the reading experience that much more enjoyable. Everything from astrological events, battles, and even ships' names along with their manifests and schedules are accurate in the sequel, which is truly impressive attention to detail. I also enjoyed the added fantasy elements in this tale with the whale being a "Manifestation of the evil residing in the souls of men.” It only furthered my appreciation for this author's writing style. Whatever you do, do not sleep on this one. Pick up your copy of Death to Moby Dick: a Love Story by Stephen Melillo – you’ll be glad you did!” - Aly Avina

— Pacific Book Review

Tortured by traumas from his time as a POW of the Confederates during the American Civil War, Isaac seeks shelter from his demons by stepping up to become a leader of men. Despite the violence that life has impressed upon him, Isaac becomes a symbol of peace in the book that grabs readers' attention so much that to the very last page they feel like a trusted confidante to whom a damaged man shares his deepest confessions. Fans of the original Moby Dick will appreciate that this book maintains the "madness, the frenzy, the boiling blood and the smoking brow" adventure. With its survival-against-all-odds tone, other readers will gravitate to the book's explorations of race relations and war-induced politics and traumas. The romantic storyline will also satiate those craving a thrilling love story. In other words, this book has something for everyone.” - Nicole Yurcaba

— The US Review of Books

If you have the AUDIO version of Ahab, a Love Story and would like to download a free PDF of the Photos, Graphics, Maps, and other memento images used in the novel, click here: Images from Ahab, a Love Story, by Stephen Melillo.

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The Prequel to Melville's Moby Dick... "Ahab, a Love Story"

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