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A Private or Group Lesson on anything you wish.

And yes! VIDSessions™ were/are another un-megaphoned STORMWORKS First dating to before 2005 and the first internet "Conducted" ensemble rehearsal!

All VIDSessions™ are PRIVATE Lessons and go as long as needed. (Imagine that! Content-based, rather than duration-based.)


For Student Musicians. Learn to Teach yourself how to play 15 Major Scales, and much more, perfectly in 15 minutes. You may have heard about this, or have read about it on the STORMSite. Now, you can go direct. (No Time-limit) $75.

RHYTHM READERS™ VIDSession™  For Student Musicians. Learn how to read and write any Rhythm. (No Time-limit) $75.

COMPOSITION VIDSession™  For Student Composers. To set up a private Composition/Apprenticeship & possible number of sessions, please call 757-356-1928. We'll devise a workable schedule for both of us. Please call ahead first.

MUSIC to PICTURE VIDSession.  To set up a one-on-one and private 26-session online Film-Scoring course, please call 757-356-1928. We'll devise a workable schedule for both of us. Please call ahead first.

STUDIO BASICS VIDSession™  Set up a session to learn how to work with Digital Performer/Bidule & Virtuals. $75 per session as needed. (Remember that with iCHAT we can share screens.)

INTERACTIVE Ensemble: REHEARSAL VIDSession™  For Teachers & Ensembles: Set up a Video-Chat Rehearsal with your ensemble. $75.

LET'S FIND OUT™ VIDSession™  For Teacher-Musicians. Teachers: Set up a Private Lesson/Discussion to cover any area of your choosing. Function Chorales™ perhaps, or those mentioned above, or any area or concept you want to explore. $75 per session, up to 45 minutes.

Private Instrumental Lesson VIDSession™  Need help with becoming a proficient Musician? Schedule 3 lessons for $75.



For Private Lessons, you can use several means of connecting, including Skype.

As an example, we prepared the Musical score (spotting session with the Director) for a 2009 film via iCHAT. In one simultaneous session we were in Los Angeles, Virginia, Holland & Bulgaria, and It was how the Producers were able to check every cue and approve them.

Writers:  Imagine how we can discuss notation, share screens, and track your progress in every session. For Teachers and Students, your progress is immediate. We're together and face-to-face.

You can get the best one-on-one, or group access without breaking the bank or school budget for in-person sessions.

And need I point out the possibilities for students all across the world?

Remember students, your $75 lesson-fee is not duration-based but content-based.  Possibilities abound. Worldwide possibilities.


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Requested Date & Time