Son of the Storm

Stephen Melillo & Son of the Storm Studio Cast 2016

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Son of the Storm is a 2-hour contemporary opera set in the style of a 1940s Radio Broadcast, the event transpiring in 2 different time periods, in Germany and starring characters created by Mary Shelley 200 years ago this summer of 2016.

Via links provided in the Bio and elsewhere, please visit stormworld for your accompanying Digital Libretti and artwork. We hope that you will enjoy this dramatic Journey set in the style of a 1940s Radio Broadcast on 2 CDs, but also intended for live staging. Godspeed! Stephen Melillo

SON of the STORM Cast & Crew includes:

The Creature, Matt Branic

Victor, Adelmo Guidarelli

Elizabeth, Megan Pachecano

Rabble Rouser, Michael Ashby

William at 11, Karlene Grinberg

Theologian, Joshua Kohl

Scientist/Burgermeister, Eric McKeever

Military Man, Daniel Klein

Blind Man, Steven Fredericks

Daughter, Kacey Cardin

Son, Matthew Murphy

Announcer, Raymond Jones

The TRITONUS Chorus, Germany, Conducted by Klaus Brecht

Co-Producers, Adelmo Guidarelli, Amber L. Spradlin, Ric Schnupp

Technical Advisor, Curt DeMott

Continuity, Andrew Pencola

Artist, Irene Krauß

Foley, Peter Solomon Gross

Recording, Ric Schnupp, Hunter Berk

Recorded at Soundtrack New York

Music, Lyrics & Texts by © STEPHEN MELILLO/STORMWORKS™  IGNA 1990-2016 All Rights Reserved. Produced by STORM®ecords

Your investment includes Loiner Notes, but you can also get your Liner Notes (PDF) by choosing "Digital Libretti" under "RESOURCES & STORMAficionados."

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