Making STORMWORKS Chapter 89

Though the Kickstarter has passed, you can still get behind the making of another historic album.

STORMWORKS Chapter 89: Worlds Within the World will be recorded in Luxembourg during the last weeks of February 2024 by Musique Militaire Grand-Ducale du Luxembourg, directed by Jean-Claude Braun, Conducted by Stephen Melillo, and with guest Solo Tuba Artist, Daniel Ridder.   

Here is where you can become a sponsor of the next historic album.

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209 Spinnaker Run Lane 
Smithfield, VA 23430 

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A GREAT Testimonial from STORMWORKS Commissioner Jeff Waggoner.

 “If you don't know who Stephen L. Melillo is, you need to check him out right now! I had the privilege of co-commissioning two pieces of his, and Steve guest conducted the District 86 bands as well. Steve's music is about as emotionally expressive as it can get, which makes it a profound experience for both the listener and the performer. 

He pioneered self-publishing, from back when it was really difficult! Here's your chance to help support him and his work. He doesn't have a big publishing company behind him to produce bland "demo" recordings of his pieces - his recordings are the real deal! Don't think of them as just "band music" but as musical journeys for the listener. 

And if you know nothing about music, that matters not: you will find meaning in his music no matter who you are, or what your musical background might be. I once told someone at the MidWest Clinic that I envied her for getting to hear Steve's music for the first time because I remembered how I felt when I first heard it. I can't describe the experience in words. Just go listen, and if you can, support Steve's latest project!” 

Please share this far and wide, and Thank you for YOUR support and faith in this Music! 

Godspeed! S

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