FYC 63rd Grammys, MUSIC FILM

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A COLD NIGHT, a Study of Music on Film 
Film by Jonathan Heap, Produced by Corey Kaup 
Music(s) by © Stephen Melillo, IGNA 1984-2020, ASCAP
19:45, 1080p, streaming or download mp4 at 1.75GB


"A COLD NIGHT" Concept Demo 1 in 3:00 & Concept Demo 2 in 1:00

Our Story

In 1984, we had the idea of first writing a song and then making a Film to that song.  

In the second half of the experiment, we would strip the song from the Film.    

Pretending that the song never existed, we would treat the Film as the original inspiration for a Dramatic Score.  

One film with two completely different Musical approaches and resulting psychologies would then be shown back to back to demonstrate the effects of Music on Film.  

With a newly digitized film from 1984, newly recorded 2020 “quarantine-style” Heavy Metal Rock and Orchestral Tracks, and a formal release of 13 August 2020, the birthday of Alfred Hitchcock, this Music Film, entitled A COLD NIGHT, a Study of Music on Film,” is a discussion of the processes spanning 36 years, and then a presentation of the same film with two different outcomes. 

"This has to be one of the greatest creative concepts ever."  

Andrew F., Carmel, Indiana  

Enjoy & Godspeed!  Stephen Melillo, Composer 

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Stream and/or download the demos and full film below.  

Compressed Experience Demo Concept 1: Run Time of Trailer 1 Version:  3:01.  (free)  
Compressed Experience Demo Concept 2: Run Time of Trailer 2 Version:  1:07.  (free)  

To download to your computer the accompanying DVD Booklet and artwork, please click here for the Digital Libretto PDF.  Enjoy & Godspeed! S