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“If you have a chance to help someone, and you don’t, you are wasting your time on this earth.” Roberto Clemente
“There are a bunch of children in Haiti who are seeing the profits of your Music”. Mike Grimm, Haitian Relief


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What as made these nominations meaningful to me were the people who nominated them. TWML by Veterans. Symphony IIII by Gerhardt Zimmermann and the Canton Symphony Orchestra. These works will long stand as testaments to those who nominated them, and more importantly to those for whom these works were offered in Tribute. Godspeed! S

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"I´ve been looking for excellent music to be played in my next concert, first rehearsal 2 days later. I needed a special final to make the band blow out the audience of the hall. And there came that special music to my inner ear and a good friend's signing his letters: GODSPEED.

What comes next was so easy!: A short mail contact with Steve, followed by visiting his stormworld and ordering the music. Paid fast and secure and minutes later it is there: my own version of GODSPEED.
5 minutes later the music is printed out and if necessary I could rehearse it 15 minutes after the thought struck my brain!

Steve, the way I can order and receive your music is so simple and fast! I love it! Thanks a lot for that uncomplicated way to be a part of your musical world. Fast as a storm and at least thrilling like one... Liebe Grüße," Jochen Lorenz, Musikschulleiter, Dirigent, Diplom Musiklehrer

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