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Grade 5-6


Grade: 5-6 | Duration: 13:42

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"Dear Steve, The emotions that CUBA brought to my heart are impossible to explain.
It was like seeing myself there with all the natural beauty
surrounding me, the ocean, the sun, the palm trees...
The beautiful
Childhood dreams shattered by the tyrant.
I remember fear, sadness, tears, anger, and then goodbyes.
It was the little girl standing at the beach, at the sand kneeling down for the last time and saying goodbye...
It was the plane rushing on the runway taking me out of my land, away from my people.
It was the sadness of not knowing if I was going to see that land again.
It was Hatred, despair, and it was hope...
Too many emotions that at that time I could not understand.
Today. While listening to your Music...all those feelings came back.
I was able to touch them, I was able to feel them...
How on EARTH did you do that???
How on Earth were you able to identify those feelings and put them into Music...You don't even really know me!
I told Wally that I wasn't going to be able to write now...because I felt like I was just back in November of 1970...I was having the same feelings. I was able to touch those feelings.
My love for Cuba has never diminished.
Cuba is in my heart and your Music has given it a new meaning.
Thank you. I know my father would have loved hearing it...but I know that from Heaven, he blessed you too.
Thank you on behalf of my fellow Cubans.
And of behalf of all those who suffer oppression and strive for Freedom.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" Amelia Avellaneda


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