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Grade 3


Grade: 3 w/Grade 4-5 Piano Solo | Duration: 4:00

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A Concertino in F for Piano and Band. Across the suite A Wish to the World, we have paid tribute to unsung heroes, described situations a hero must face and told a story about the not-too-distant past... and future. In Heart of the Hero, we discover that quiet and relentless song, that quality which is forever held in the Heart of such an individual. Innocent, perhaps humorous, the Hero faces adversity often... but in the hero's heart, a courageous theme plays without bounds. The hero prevails.

This work was composed for that situation where you have a fine pianist who might not otherwise have the chance to shine and be brought to the forefront of your Music program.

The many concepts provided within this work can be investigated in the Score Notes.

A Wish to the World is a series of pieces written to inspire the next generation of Heroes. These pieces can be played as a suite across the Music Program in the manner of THE FOUNTAINHEAD and STORMQUEST, or they can be rendered individually.

A Wish to the World is commissioned by Barry Wentz and the Alpena High School Symphonic Wind Ensemble with Ray Reynolds, Director of the Thunder Bay JHS Band, and Keith Hodsgon & The South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble, Mr. Larry White & The Rancho Buena Vista Wind Ensemble in California, Mr. Paul Holzen & the Parkway Northeast Middle School, and the Kentucky Music Educators Association.


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