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Grade 2-3


Grade: 2-3 | Duration: 4:12

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TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING was carefully designed to be one of two possible finales to the A Wish to the World Suite. It is basically a new take on TAPS. This work falls within the grade 2-3 range, with 3rd clarinets staying below the break. The exploration of simple rhythms provides a basis for careful listening and mixing skills, tuning and intoning. At the same time, the Music is quite demanding. Horns and brass are asked to push themselves to their upper limits. Here, more mature players can take the piece to its emotional heights while younger players can still access the piece simply by taking overly-difficult passages down an octave. This piece may be played by younger groups with 8vb's or by very mature and Musical players.

There will come a time when for each of us, twilight will have its last gleaming. This piece, connected to its other parts, bears a message. In part, it is a tribute to those we honour on Memorial Day... but there is more. As much as this is a piece is about the past, it is also a foretelling of the future yet to be.

For a discussion regarding technical considerations and concepts explored, please visit the Score Notes.

A Wish to the World is a series of pieces written to inspire the next generation of Heroes. These pieces can be played as a suite across the Music Program in the manner of THE FOUNTAINHEAD and STORMQUEST, or they can be rendered individually.

A Wish to the World is commissioned by Barry Wentz and the Alpena High School Symphonic Wind Ensemble with Ray Reynolds, Director of the Thunder Bay JHS Band, and Keith Hodsgon & The South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble, Mr. Larry White & The Rancho Buena Vista Wind Ensemble in California, Mr. Paul Holzen & the Parkway Northeast Middle School, and the Kentucky Music Educators Association.

This piece is from the STORMWORKS Chapter 1 Prime CD.


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