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Grade 2-3


Grade 2-3 | Duration: 4:45

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As an accomplished violinist, a teenaged Catherine Geach left the comforts of home to bring Music to the war-torn people of Cambodia. Pitted against the forces of the Khmer Rouge, Catherine acquired a one-acre plot, built a school, then recruited students. She learned Khmer, the language of Cambodia and then the country's musical heritage, the ancient Pin Peat Music. She taught orphaned children how to play the takhe, shaped like a crocodile, the roneat thong, a bamboo xylophone and the large gong vong. It is difficult to appreciate the sacrifice of this Hero, who so unselfishly decided to give herself to the cause of resurrecting another country's musical heritage, while at the same time bringing Hope to war-battered children. In fact, the thought of her "giving" is quieting and humbling. LONELY IS THE KNIGHT is a tribute to Catherine Geach, and perhaps a comment on what it is she must sometimes feel in the dead of night, so far from home.

The many concepts provided within this work can be investigated in the Score Notes.

A Wish to the World is a series of pieces written to inspire the next generation of Heroes. These pieces can be played as a suite across the Music Program in the manner of THE FOUNTAINHEAD and STORMQUEST, or they can be rendered individually.

A Wish to the World is commissioned by Barry Wentz and the Alpena High School Symphonic Wind Ensemble with Ray Reynolds, Director of the Thunder Bay JHS Band, and Keith Hodsgon & The South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble, Mr. Larry White & The Rancho Buena Vista Wind Ensemble in California, Mr. Paul Holzen & the Parkway Northeast Middle School, and the Kentucky Music Educators Association.


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