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Whenever new Architecture is presented, what better Complete Music Program Concert Event than THE FOUNTAINHEAD!

Honoring Our Veterans & Special Dates! (Listen on Spotify here:)



As important dates approach, here is appropriate Music:


    •    17 January: Operation Desert Storm began. STORMWORKS
    •    27 January: Signing of Viet Nam Peace Accord: STORMQUEST and A WISH TO THE WORLD
    •    8 February: The Birthday of Composer John Williams. Forbidden Fortress from STORMQUEST, or ERICH!, who was one of John Williams' most admired Composers.
    •    10 February: The Birthday of Jerry Goldsmith. The Search for Truefire is a tribute to this my best Hero of Music.
    •    12 February: The Birthday of Lincoln. All Music above.
    •    14 February: By Love Inviolate. By Love Compelled.
    •    18 February: Chinese New Year & President's Day. All Above Music, and TIMESTORM, A Dance of the Wu Li Master.
    •    23 February: US Marines take Iwo Jima 1945: Courage... at the Wall of Fire
    •    3 March: Premiere and recording of WAIT of the WORLD in The Netherlands in 1999.
    •    8 March: Premiere of SON of the STORM. All Music.
    •    11 March: Premiere of THE FOUNTAINHEAD.
    •    17 March: Saint Patrick's Day. Patrick's Rune.
    •    21 March: The Birthday of JS Bach. "I" of the STORM.
    •    24 March: The Day of the "Great Escape". Escape from Plato's Cave. Escape from Bataan.
    •    11 April: Desert Storm Ceasefire 1991: STORMWORKS, America the Brave, many others.
    •    11 April: Also on this date, the premiere of FESTIVAL of LIGHT, 50 years to the day after the first concentration camp was liberated in 1945.
    •    9-14 April: The Anniversary of the Bataan Death March. Kakehashi: THAT WE MIGHT LIVE!, ESCAPE from BA-TAAN. MORE!
    •    APRIL: The 150 Year Anniversary of Herman Melville's Moby Dick: AHAB! 20 November 1820 is the actual date the Essex was attacked by a lone whale.
    •    15 April: The Birthday of Leonardo DaVinci. FORM & FUNCTION from The Fountainhead.
    •    18 April: The birth of Miklos Rozsa! All of the STORM Music.
    •    29 April: The Birthday of Duke Ellington. TIME to TAKE BACK the KNIGHTS, HAJJ, SWING SLAVE, JURASSIC BLUES.
    •    8 May: VE Day 1945: Many pieces from the entire Storm library!
    •    10 May: Premiere of Symphony 2. The birthday of Dimitri Tiomkin & Max Steiner. GODSPEED!
    •    18 May: Armed Forces Day. Music to Honour Our Veterans... above.
    •    29 May: The Birthday of Erich Wolfgang Korngold! ERICH!
    •    30 May: Memorial Day. Music to Honour Our Veterans... above.
    •    14 June: Flag Day. Star! Also, the US Army Founded 1775 Class of '39 Fight Song!
    •    22 June: Pledge of Allegiance Recognized by Congress 1942 Star!
    •    25 June: Korean War Began 1950: TRIUMPH at CHO-SIN.
    •    29 June: The Birthday of Bernard Herrman. ESCAPE from PLATO's CAVE.
    •    4 July: Star! and of course, Music to Honour Our Veterans... above.
    •    7 July : The Birthday of Gustav Mahler. ESCAPE from Plato's CAVE.
    •    27 July : Signing of Korean Armistice. Music to Honour Our Veterans... above. TRIUMPH at CHO-SIN.
    •    4 August: US Coast Guard Established: HONOR, COURAGE... COMMITMENT.
    •    2 September: Victory in Pacific. Music to Honour Our Veterans... above.
    •    11 September: THE FOUNTAINHEAD. AMERICA THE BRAVE. Trial & Terror, up to and including the entirety of STORM Works.
    •    14 September: Star Spangled Banner, written in 1814: Star!
    •    17 September: US Constitution approved 1787: Many pieces from the STORM Library.
    •    18 September: US Air Force Established 1947: In a Service Beyond Self
    •    20 September: POW & MIA Day: TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING
    •    12 October: Columbus Day. THE SHOEMAKER, An Immigrant & a Dream from A WISH TO THE WORLD.
    •    13 October: US Navy Established 1775: HONOR, COURAGE... COMMITMENT.
    •    22 October: MacArthur returns. Music to Honour Our Veterans... above. ESCAPE from BA-TAAN.
    •    10 November: US Marine Corps Established 1775: A WISH TO THE WORLD, Courage... at the Wall of Fire
    •    11 November: Veterans Day. Music to Honour Our Veterans... above.
    •    27 November: The Birthday of Bruce Lee. TIMESTORM, A Dance of the Wu Li Master.
    •    7 December: Music to Honour Our Veterans... above.
    •    16 December: The Birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven. ONCE MORE UNTO the BREACH!



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