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Christmas Passion

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Christmas Passion Album Intro from Stephen Melillo

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Christmas Passion, w/options! Includes Autograph & Shipping

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'Christmas Passion' is a phenomenal album. Stephen Melillo has brought such freshness to these traditional works and really breathed new life into them. They've been arranged with such deep sensitivity to the subject matter. I especially loved the arrangements of 'Emmanuel', 'Ave Maria', and 'Angels We Have Heard On High' - which literally brought tears to my eyes with its soaring strings, brass and vocals cascading over one another in the second half. 'The 12 Days and 15 Keys of Christmas' is such a brilliant and fun arrangement (the kind you can envisage going viral on YouTube with a capella groups performing it!); hats off to Armand Hutton for his stellar vocal maneuverings through all 15 keys! 'Rest Not Ye Merry Gentlemen' is an unexpected take on an old classic that renders it truly epic! I loved the contrasting styles! They help to tell the story and create a feeling of moving from one 'scene' to another, not just from one 'song' to another, as though you're listening to a recording of a stage show - which this certainly could (and should!) be. Congratulations to Stephen Melillo and to all the wonderful vocalists who brought this amazing project to life. I will enjoy listening to this year after year.   Caroline Alexander, United Kingdom


"WOW!  Steve, what wonderful, refreshing, realistic, bursts away from the ordinary!
I can never hear those hymns again as before!
Thanks for sharing the trailer.  May God bless the sales!"
, my 7th grade teacher who also helped me with "Ahab, a Love Story!"


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Attention Band/Orchestra & Choral Directors, if you would like to see a Grade 4-5 Score to "Angels We Have Heard On High," just send an email.






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