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Chapter 55: Way of the Wanderer

Forever Strong

Grade: 5-6 | Duration: 3:17

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The words from Peter Kleine Schaars, Conductor of The Marine band of the Royal Netherlands Navy, sum it best.


"In our little country, there is a big knowing that many men and women once fought for our freedom! Even after 70 years and 3 generations later the veterans are in our hearts with lots of respect. So when the composer Stephen Melillo asked our Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy to make a recording of the composition "Forever Strong, a Salute to the USS Indianapolis," and dedicated to the veterans of the USS Indianapolis I didn't have to think long about that question. The answer was... of course! It will be a privilege to honor these men and their families! On the last Saturday of June, we annually honor our veterans by a concert in the Parliament House and with a big parade in our government city, The Hague. We honor you with this recording and thank all of you veterans for the great efforts and sacrifices you have made to give us back our freedom! God bless you all."


Major Peter Kleine Schaars, Music Director of the MBRNN


11 September:

What better date to compress the many emotions attributed to the Ordeal, the Sacrifice, the Courage, the massive Heroism, the Hope-filled Future. These are the many layers, and more in this 3:17 Salute to the USS INDIANAPOLIS. We do not pay tribute to "instruments of war," but rather to the undying will to persevere, to endure for the sake of othersÖ to emerge from the Depths of Darkness and Despair and become a shining Light for others, many of whom have yet to be born. You see? a "Storm" work! Godspeed!


Be sure to check out my arrangement of ETERNAL FATHER, also written for the occasion of the 70th Reunion.


Recording Coming Soon.  It will be a part of the STORMWORKS Chapter 55: Way of the Wanderer.

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