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Chapter 21: Won Way

The Prayer of Our Lord

Grade: 5 | Duration: 3:11

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The Lord's Prayer set to Music. Please visit the score notes and enjoy.  This can be done with Chorus, in any language, with Band or Orchestra, and can also be played as instrumentals only.

"The Prayer of our Lord" is an extraordinary work. For a brief moment, I was thrown by it being in German. But that quickly dissipated, as the only true language of music overwhelmed the words of any other language. I listened to it 5 times, each time hearing something that I had missed on previous listenings. This is truth, this is beauty, and whenever I say that prayer, your music will infiltrate the words and give it a more profound meaning. Bravissimo Maestro! Your music is taxing my superlatives. With deepest gratitude, admiration, and respect." Patrick "Duke" Pencola, Music Minister


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