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Chapter 21: Won Way

Pasodobles para Santa Cecelia y los Heroes de Espana

Grade: 5-6 | Duration: 4:00

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More great fun in the spirit of the Spanish Pasodobles. Please see the score notes and enjoy! Disfrute!


The nature of "tribute" is fascinating because once you begin really paying homage to anything or anyone or any assemblage of truly great people, there is no end. Kakehashi: That We Might Live and Last World Standing are such examples.


After writing 21: Won Way, a tribute to Roberto Clemente... and for those of you too young to know who this is, please read about his Life... more Music came. First the Romanza para Roberto, and later the Pasodobles para Santa Cecelia (patron saint of Music) y los Heroes de Espana, of which Roberto may definitely be included.


The Pasodobles is an extension of a tribute to Roberto Clemente, his Hispanic origins, and as always, with a "Stormworks" twist that lifts the moment via authentic orchestration and historic-Latino stylings.


"As you know, I've been a fan of yours for many years. It's refreshing to hear music that evokes emotion, touches the heart, and ultimately takes both performer and the listener on an awe-inspiring journey. Every single time I program a Melillo work, the kids fall in love with it, and the Pasodobles was no exception. They are already asking if we can have you guest conduct again this spring. You and your music made a profound impression on my students and for that, we are all grateful." Rob Bryant, Madisonville North Hopkins HS after the Carnegie Hall Premiere.


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